Now performing LIVE comedy

​The good news'll get to laugh! The bad'll find out just how short I really am!

As you can see from the photo above, the comedy clubs use her as eye candy!

It takes a skilled comedian to not only perform to ONE person but to tell jokes that are so funny, he chooses to do his taxes in the middle of your show!

I might not have made him laugh but I did make

him cry! It's all about connecting with your audience folks!

Upcoming Stand Up Shows:
Saturday, Jan. 11th The Comedy Spot 7pm & 9pm
Saturday, Jan. 18th RV Show @ 7pm
Saturday, Feb. 15th The Forum @ 7pm









If night time comedy clubs aren't your thing, you might prefer attending one of my afternoon

Senior Living comedy shows which usually take place sometime between Bingo and blood pressure checks. The material is specifically created for seniors ages 65 and up!

And guaranteed to make you wet your pants...which isn't tough to do at that age!

Senior Living Shows
 Dec. 29th- Denture Adventures
 Jan. 14th - Dusty Gardens
 Jan. 23rd- Bony Back Mountain
 Jan. 30th - Seizure World


Comedy show for the seniors! They don't laugh very hard. I think it's because they're afraid if they laugh really hard they'll fart...with a surprise! I do love performing for them and they sure need a good laugh.

He told ME a joke...

All male puppies are son of a bitches!

A whole new meaning to

Fifty Shades of Grey!

Feedback cards are used for every show in order to make the next show even better!

Normally, I'm very open to suggestions for improvement, not sure I can do this one...