Ladies and gentlemen, drum roll please! Move aside for the marching band!

Keep your eyes on the magicians and make room for the baton thrower!

Let the confetti fall cuz' we have got a CELEBRATION!

The all new Roast & Toast video is now available to you, offering you an unforgettable way to entertain your audience and make the guest(s) of honor feel special. This unique and totally customized video features YOUR family, friends and or co-workers, who knew they could be so funny?! And the best part is, they don't have to prepare anything funny to say. The humor comes from the magic sauce or what's known as creative editing.

Celebrating your special guys' Birthday milestone? Let’s roast him and then praise the heck out of him! Men look hot when they blush!

Throwing a retirement party for your beloved colleague? This video is guaranteed to make him/her feel appreciated!


Wanting to give the bride and groom a heartfelt gift that can also be used as the most hilarious entertainment at their wedding reception or their 50th Wedding Anniversary?  Yep, this video does that too!


Frequently asked questions:

Do the people being interviewed need any preparation? No preparation required! Leave the sick and twisted questions to the experts. They just need to be told they'll be on video, so brush your teeth and don't wear red. It makes us hungry.

How do you know what topics to focus on or what questions to write on the screen? We'll discuss the goal for your video and you can then share information about your hero or heroine.

Can you film people outside of Phoenix, Arizona? Thanks to Skype and Face time we can film anyone in the world as long as they're in good lighting. No dark seedy brothels… and we've got a movie!

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