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Turbocharge your next industry event by having America’s leading "Imposter Speaker” appear via Zoom or in-person!


Looking to add some pizzaz, fun and connection to your next virtual event or in-person meeting that will make it absolutely unforgettable? Stop looking – you’ve just found the perfect imposter to leave your attendees in stitches!


Jenny Locklin has a unique talent where she can portray any type of character who would be a Keynote Speaker or Zoom Presenter at your next company meeting or event. She can transform into an industry expert, award winning specialist or even a “new” member of your team!


And WHY would you hire her to do this? Because it's totally customized, leads to laughter and your attendees will never forget you or your meeting.

Once the gig is up and the laughter has subsided, Jenny shares the REAL takeaway message...having fun at work is possible! You don't have to wait until the weekend to have fun and the more you can lighten up and play, the more productive you can be!

Watch the video clips below and see for yourself the crazy, customized interaction
Jenny creates with these Imposter Speaker Schticks!

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