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Creative Message Media's staff members BBS and CPK
are Teaming UP!
If your office chair is tired and old, you need OPACS!
Rosalyn promotes the Shalom Gnome
Just a snip it of the video we created for Grimaldi's Pizzeria.
And remember, please don't throw dough at your servers.
Unless it's the green kind!
Redneck women love Creative Message Media
Planning a community event?
We can make it pawsitively fun

This video is for a BNI chapter and NUN of your business!

Having a party?
Why not add a fun video invitation to your Evite!
School drop off is easy with the Naggitator
Got a controversial topic?
Let us use humor to persuade your viewers!

Showcase your next keynote speaker
in a unique and fun way!
Doggonit! Rules & regulations don't have to be boring!
If your video looks anything like Bettina's,
you definitely need our help!

Just a snip it from an UGLY SWEATER party invite

Do you have an important message to convey?

Creative Message Media can transform the most mundane material into a lively, entertaining, and memorable one! Humor and creativity will add impact to your message and your viewer will be much more receptive to your ideas!  

• Written text and documents are often overlooked or the message is easily forgotten. Research shows, reading is so overrated!

• Videos can be very effective if the message is clear, engaging, and entertaining all at the same time. Why else would Youtube have 334,560,654 hits per day?